How Do I Attract People to My Business?

“How do I attract team members into my business?”

Network Marketers ask us this question every day. Everyday we answer with you must start with the product. People must fall in love with the product or service first, yes there may be 1-2 exceptions. However this is where all of the influence begins.

Attracting team members is then about being the leader. A leader knows where they are going. A leader knows why they are doing something.

1. Know Where You Are Going

Now that your customers get a feel for your products and how you roll and who you work with. They can now get a sense of where you are heading with the business. For this to happen you need to know where you are going. Know your big picture and focus on the big picture. Know also why you want that. If it is money or lifestyle you want, what does that look like to you? Why do you want the money? What will you do with it?

What would be an ideal life to you? Now get your team to move forward. Lead others to where their future ball is. In any sport the successful players go to where the ball is going to be. Anticipate the future and take them with you.

2. Know Your Targets

Now that you know where you are going, an effective leader knows where to aim the arrows. An effective leader knows where the targets are and how many they need to hit in order to win.

3. Become Effective With Time

A leader is someone who is not focused only on the day to day, you need to learn to be more effective with your time. We have systems for this. What are your systems?

4. Know What Skills You Are Great At

And what skills you need to perform with a large team.

When you start to understand what you are great at and what skills are missing for you, you will identify your gaps. Some of these may be able to be filled by others. Many of these are skills you will need to develop. Start your development plan.

5. Ask

You must be asking people if they are interested in moving forward with the business. Once you have attracted the people by knowing where you are going and why, knowing you and knowing your targets and your vision. If people are not given the opportunity many don’t even know there is an option. Some may be interested, some not. And that is ok. Ask everyone, don’t push, ask permission.

6. Follow Up

Show them you care about them and have a follow up system. Don’t treat new potential team members or anybody for that matter like a number. Show your future team how it is done by being a professional business owner from the start.

The most attractive quality is certainty and definite purpose. Know what you want and where you are going and people attract naturally to that. Many want to come along with you. Some won’t, some will. That’s cool. Be certain, know your vision, be effective with systems, ask and follow up. This attracts people. Go get em. You have got this.
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