Move and Your Ducks Line Up

Have you ever thought or said “oh wait I can’t do that I’m not ready.” I have been hearing this a lot lately repeated at various events, it is also something that I do my best to live the opposite off. I wanted to talk about taking action before you are ready, because if we wait what happens is that time never comes and instead in its place regret fills it. This came up from various sources around sales and entrepreneur mastery and creating the life you want. One of my mentors says that if you move then the ducks line up. What gets in the way of us not taking action is fear and if we can move past those fears then we can really do anything. Here are some cool action steps for you to take to get you where you are going.

1. Move and the Ducks Line Up

Move in any direction, just move. It is really funny what happens when we actually move in a direction and it is just picking any direction. Once we pick a direction then people start coming our way, more opportunities come up and your path starts to show itself. This personally happened for me, I chose a direction, I chose to move and it is amazing what and who started to show up, the certainty from going in one certain direction also attracted and continued to attract a certain type of person. Simply move. If you wait for the ducks to line up you will be waiting forever.

2. Act Now – The Time Is Now

Tomorrow never comes. Yesterday is gone. All we have is the present. When I was growing up we used to have a “Round Tuit” in the bathroom, it was a circular shape that was called a Round Tuit, it was a reminder that we now have a round tuit, and that you can’t use that excuse anymore, I’ll do it when I get around to it. A funny little metaphor that is something we constantly do as humans. We are professionals at putting off things, of delaying, or saying we will do that later. Act now and you will get there quicker than you think. Say yes and work out how. If an opportunity arrises and it is aligned to something that will help you get where you want or towards what you want then say yes and work out how. I have done this with talks back in the early days, people would ask me to give a keynote, I was scared, I was thinking I would stuff it up, but I said yes anyway. Say yes and act now as you never know where it will lead you.

3. You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

While you can regret what you don’t do, you cannot regret what you attempted. Success is attempting and learning from the mistakes and doing something else. Take the shot. If you think about it if no-one took any shots in a basketball game how could they win? They must be willing to take the shot and miss.

4. Become a Pro Now

Once we actually start to think of ourselves as a professional something happens. We stand up straighter, we dress better, we speak clearer. I have put this one in here because while most of this is about taking action this one is about knowing you are a professional, thinking like a professional and acting like a professional. The more Pro you can become the more people will be drawn to you. If you are presenting a business opportunity or a sales opportunity then you need to be perceived as the professional. You are ready, you can become professional now. I was listening to a lady talk the other day at a business course about how she entered a competition 3 days after starting her new business. She thought like a professional and acted like one and won. Become Pro Now.

So it’s time for you to stop waiting, for you to take the shots. Act now and become professional now. It is your time to shine. You must be willing to take the shot and miss, or not get any shots. Start moving and pick any direction and the ducks will start lining up. Keep moving as much as you can and you will get there..

If you follow these steps you will notice you will get more done, you will get better results and you will make positive changes in the direction you are heading as if you just move, and continue to move, then everything starts to fall into place, people start to come into your life, you also notice opportunities that were always there but now you are noticing them. Go move.

So there you have it, how you can act when you don’t feel ready. Next time your feeling like your stuck, ask yourself, “How can I move past this?” “What small action can I take to get me moving again?” “What will happen if I don’t take the shot?” What will happen if I take the shot?” “What won’t happen if I don’t take the shot?” and “What will happen if I don’t take the shot?” These questions can get you thinking clearly and challenge the brain, likely the worst case scenario will never happen so you may as well take a shot.

What do you do to take action over and over again. Remember those key points and questions, take the shot, become pro now and move and those duck will line up.
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