What It Takes To Create Change

Creating change and shifting mountains takes a few things. Most people live a mediocre life because they are not willing to do what it takes. If you are reading this I believe you are someone who wants more, someone who wants to get ahead and believe in what you are doing.

Today I am moving my entire family on my belief. We were comfortable. Now I have made everyone uncomfortable.

What it takes to make change is immense.

1. You Must Have a Vision

Give yourself the space and time to manifest your vision. This really does shape your life and change everything. Know there is something better in store for you, whatever that is.

2. Have the Belief

You must know you want something greater than you are living. You must believe it is possible. Read success stories, read biographies, watch success stories of those who have already done it and borrow their beliefs if you need to. Without this belief nobody buys into your vision and that includes you. You are the most important person to sell this vision to.

3. Put the Stakes In the Ground and Make a Decision

Until you make a decision and back your decision it is just a dream. So many people have dreams and they never make the decision to fully go for it. Today is the day you need to make the decision to go for it. Burn the boats if you have to.

4. Get Really Uncomfortable

Sometimes it is all about pulling the rug from underneath your feet. Be willing to make the change and bring in loads of uncertainty. Change doesn't happen in comfort. If you really want this you need to embrace the uncertainty that will be with you for a little while.

5. Once the Decision Is Made Do What It Takes

Since putting the stakes in the ground I have been doing what it took. It has been go go go. Everything has changed and I am taking all the steps necessary to create this.

How I’m handling it…

Your day will come when it cements the decision you made. I have a great sense of overjoy, excitement, happiness and fulfilment, I have created all of what is happening right now. It is an unbelievable experience to know that you are in control. No-one gets to dictate the way you live your life but you.

Yes there is a little bit of fear and self doubt that creeps in from time to time. Am i doing the right thing? I remind myself that YES clearly you are. There is anxiousness…. That if i have created this what is next?

I am experiencing a sense of achievement right now that is freeing me and allowing me and my family to move forward. It is liberating. I am living life on my terms.

This is huge and it is a bit unbelievable. Have I actually done that and is this real?

Most people told me to do the opposite. I saw what I wanted. I went for it. Now it’s my time. We all get our time. I have also learnt that there are ways to do things, ways to do things better, you do not have to do it all on own.

You get to make your decisions. You get to shape your destiny. It is absolute gold. That is freedom. I get to choose the way I live my life. So do you.

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